Welcome to The Preparatory Place

Our Mission Statement

The Preparatory Place aims to provide a happy and caring second home to guide and nurture each child’s growth and development. We believe in providing professional service of the highest quality – listening to the child, understanding the child’s learning and development in the context of family, community and culture;
planning our childcare programme to meet each child’s specific developmental strengths and needs; guided by the basic philosophy of nurturing them to their fullest potential.

Children Come First.

We are committed to the children and profession, always guided by the code of ethics of the National Association for Early Childhood Educators (Singapore) and the National Association Of Education for Young Children (Washington, D.C.).

As educators, we engage in ongoing professional development to keep abreast of sound research in early childhood education so that we are knowledgeable and have the skills and dispositions to do our job well.

Children are our priority.

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